Long-torsoed boys staring at their own bodies

Don’t their dreams comprise the images of themselves––images dreamt? dreaming?
and so on, spiraling into the abyss, upwards the (Andromeda) Heights of the imaginary . . .
There were times when we thought it was just an address! . . .

Petey is 20, from Tennessee, and so pretty.

I ask her why most female models seem to avoid the men backstage.

“Is it because they are always hitting on you and stuff?” I ask.

“No! The opposite! I’ll be changing and getting naked in front of them, and they will be staring at their own bodies.”

Financially speaking, male modeling is not unlike being a straight-male porn star: The men have always made less than the women, and very few become big names.

“You get up and get on a plane, go through customs alone, your cell phone doesn’t work, you don’t talk to your friends. I’m in a weird state right now. I’m not sure what I really want.”

NY Mag

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