“I’m sorry… There are other ladies waiting to use the mirror”

– “The end.”
– The end.
– Again?
– Daddy will see you in the morning.

Mad Men, S1E4, “New Amsterdam”

unmarked juxtapositions of the actual and the . . . what? Call it the imaginary.

S. Cavell

Intent on the end, not the ends, of the social, queerness insists that the drive toward that end, which liberalism refuses to imagine, can never be excluded from the structuring fantasy of the social order itself.

–Lee Edelman

It is a poor idea of fantasy which takes it to be a world apart form reality, a world clearly showing its unreality. Fantasy is precisely what reality can be confused with. It is through fantasy that our conviction of the worth of reality is established; to forgo our fantasies would be to forgo our touch with the world. And does someone claim to know the specific balance sanity must sustain between the elaborating demands of self and world, some neat way of keeping soul and body together?

–Stanley Cavell


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