Barack Obama: The Movie

Notice: This footage is NOT taken from Todd Haynes’ SAFE!

Todd Haynes directs. A Barbie doll with wrinkles and a dye job plays Hillary. Ken plays John Edwards and Baby Alive is his illegitimate love child. Michelle Obama is played by Black Barbie. Barack is played by a knock-off Black doll the director bought from the Dollar Store on 125th Street. Teddy Ruxpin, with a taped speech by David Duke inside him, plays Bill Clinton.


Todd Haynes (Freelance/Writer/Director), (Zip code: 97211) $250 to OBAMA FOR AMERICA on 02/19/08

Todd Haynes (Self employed/Writer/Director), (Zip code: 97211) $300 to OBAMA FOR AMERICA on 04/02/08

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