Introducing: Comp. carp. (Comparative Carpet Studies)

Entertainment Centre Sun City, South Africa, 2006

Bedroom, writer, Berlin Mitte, 2008

Comparative carpet studies (sometimes abbreviated “Comp. carp.” ) is critical scholarship dealing with carpets of two or more different linguistic, cultural or national groups. While most frequently practiced with works of different fabrics and cultures, it may also be performed on works of the same ‘language’ (so to speak) if the works originate from different nations or cultures or social groups among which that (in a broad sense) ‘language’ is spoken. Also included in the range of inquiry are comparisons of different types of art; for example, a comparatist might investigate the relationship of carpets (sc. the art of their design, fabrics, etc) to literature, photography, or film. Cf. textiles and textuality.

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