In layman’s terms: matzebrotdünn (Death in America, cont.)

The other day, the German-Jewish writer Maxim Biller was pulled aside at a US airport because of his matzebrotdünnes Macbook Air. His Marc Jacobs shades didn’t help either. However, Bob (from the TSA evolution of security blog team) read Biller’s write-up (“On waking, I reach for my blackberry. It tells me what city I’m in; the hotel rooms offer no clues. Every Courtyard by Marriott is interchangeable. […] I’m beginning to see my laptop is too ideal for accidents”) in the German Sunday paper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung and acted accordingly.

We here at SFD headquarters are totally thrilled by this combination of abundance of human flesh, scarcity of silverish metal — meticulously (mythically?) brushed to a death-defying degree of smoothness –, and that threat-drone like soundscape, which, we are certain, is diligently designed by some non-blogging TSA composing workforce.

That threat-drone is the latest special effect in the war on terror? Something like that.


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