Madrid, Boston

„The Eagle is my favourite bar in Madrid. It’s dark, small and friendly. Its interior looks similar to any bar with a similar name anywhere in the world. (…) I first visited Eagle in Madrid in the Summer of 2001. (…)

He sat down in the bench next to me. His fists were hurt, as if he’d been in a fight the night before. He told me his name, which I don’t remember anymore. He told me a bit about his life, and every once in a while he barked. He was young, handsome, and not afraid.


 Dimitris gets comfortable after a swim

 He asked me if I wanted to drink a beer, it was very hot and he knew a nice place. We walked to a street nearby and entered the Eagle. There was no one in the dark interior, but a big and friendly barman who knew him, and gave him two beers for free. We started kissing  and (…) to the backroom where we had (…)

The next day we met again (…) and this time went to steal some swimming suits and went for a swim to the pool at Casa de Campo. He was hot, crazy, wild and (…)



Sunset somewhere around Boston, my secret place

I left Madrid the following day and never saw him again. (…) 

Pelayo, 30, Chueca, Madrid

in: pablo internacional magazine, spring 2007


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