The word shtick

Jean-Pierre Gorin (filmmaker, professor at UCSD; among other things he ran, together with JL Godard, the Groupe Dziga Vertov in the late sixties, early seventies) on the state of the political in film.

But that’s only part of why it shows up here. It’s rather because, we like the word shtick so much.

We had quite a shlep to move this piece over here from the viennese Standard. One of the interns in charge was so much farmisht, farklempt even, finally farblongjid, that he cried out: “Gay shlog dein kup en vant!” What a mentsch, what a kvitcherer! (Feh!, this Flash-encoding can be a farcockt subject-matter—a real shlimazel.) Although we had to admit, this intern basically behaves as nothing but a gutte neshumah. Maybe it was because he had a farshlepteh krenk, kadoches? But still, he can’t help to be a goyishe kupp, so we had been indulgent with him, as with all our (young) interns (but they are always young)—goy, gay, or not.

And, gutinue!, the shlep made us all shvitzing. Pretty farshvitzt, we said to ourselves: “Genug es genug!” Fortunately, by then we had the kockeputzi sorted out. “Ich vill nicht vesn“, the intern continued kvetching, how much gelt he would have been paid as a regular. But after we treated him with some fine nosh, some knaidl and knish (no gefilte fish, of course), he showed again a lichticheh punim. That’s because, from his heart, this intern isn’t eingeshparht, neither a shrek, a shmoe, nor a meiskeit.

To finally recover from the shlep, we’ll have a shvitzbad and play with some shmitzik — afterwards we gai shluffen, ie. we’ll taking a nap. Later, to discuss it a bit further, we’ll get back to the shtick.


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