Getting down TOTY

aspirants inspiring themselves during a break from
day-long interview sessions

SFD’s higher ranks are always hard at work to improve intern retention, or — but that’s basically the same thing: just, put mathematically, the “reciprocal” — to minimize turnover of the youngest (TOTY). A result-oriented working environment we run since season one (and we have yet to shop Best Buy once), but we give a thought or two about how to provide that little extra treat that make’em stay — a little longer.

Last week we casted in New Jersey (it’s more quiet over there), but, surely, candidates were flown in (Cathay is the equation) from all over planet earth (South Africa, Lebanon, Bochum/Germany, Djibouti, Marmal mountains region (not easy on the immigration business side of things, I tell you, but we managed), etc). Now, you might think that those three magic letters S F D spell “Super Fantastic Deal” in the hearts’n’minds of the ambitious and make things easy. You’re so wrong. To give you an idea what it takes to refresh the workforce that could, we here copy some sheets of paper that were emailed (or faxed) to us in the days before the castings started. They were tagged “not disputable,” but the accompanying full-body roids made us happy to comply with these “prerequisites.” Horses for courses, and when you think we’re hand-jobbing the young — well, we do.


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