Farther off bliss (The Goodbyes series III)

A young intern hands out invitations to the SFD roundtable Farther Off Bliss. Goodbyes, Fade Outs, or Wrooom's? — Painless ways of ending, on the occasion of SFD’s The Goodbyes series, an endeavour in ending.

Participants of the roundtable:

Lisa Anderson, Irvine (tbc)

Wendy Balsam, Buffalo (tbc)

Tenzing Sonam Barshee, Lhasa, Berlin, Basel (tbc)

Sue de Beer, NYC (tbc)

Lee Edelman, Medford (tbc)

David Hauslaib, NYC (tbc)

Angela Lindvall, LA (tbc)

Stefanie Roenneke, Berlin Bochum (tbc)

Gilles Sentain, Djibouti (tbc)

Kayla Travers, NYC (tbc)

Saralisa Volm, Hamburg (tbc)

Aljoscha Weskott, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Kassel (tbc)

This autumn to be held in Berlin, Germany.

Privately funded by Deutsche Chrom and Ford.
Ford Crown Victoria airport shuttle provided.


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