The two Mackos (Death in America, cont.)

Michael Macko, detail (S. Schuman, 2007)

Michael Macko, vice president of public relations and special events, and men’s fashion director for Saks Fifth Avenue (611 5th Avenue NY, NY 10022); member of the World Trade Center Memorial Advisory Council.

Michael Macko, firefighter, Ladder 8, New York City Fire Department (14 N. Moore Street, NY, NY 10013)

CHIEF KENAHAN: Today is January 25th 2002. The time is 2:23 p.m. This is battalion chief Dennis
Kenahan of the Safety Battalion of the Fire Department of the City of New York. I’m conducting an
interview with firefighter Mike Macko from Ladder 8 in the quarters of Ladder 8.

For Macko, timing is key.

On the morning of september 11th, it was few minutes before 9.

“I know it’s hard to believe, but holiday bestsellers were anything with skulls. We simply couldn’t keep the $125 Alexander McQueen wool skull intarsia scarves on the shelves.”

I figured it was going to be real large job.

“We have to remember the bell curve—customers in some parts of the country are just now getting into skulls and goth-inspired looks for the first time,

No, nothing was down at this point.

“while for others the trend has peaked and they are looking for the next thing.

I looked up.
No, nothing was down at this point.

The shorts and blazer look was all over the runways, but it’s an incredibly difficult look for the average man to pull off.

I tried to look for some tools. I had my gear on. I didn’t have a mask. I was actually looking for a mask.

In fact, if I wasn’t in this line of work, I’d run an adopt and rescue farm for dachshunds

I got to the firehouse. The firehouse was empty. I jumped into my gear. I went outside on Varick Street.

Also, just watching menswear transform over the last few years has been a phenomenal experience—

I looked up.

previously there was no such thing as a contemporary men’s business. Guys owned a pair of Levi’s and that was enough.

I had my gear on. I didn’t have a mask. I was actually looking for a mask.

I am astonished when I go onto the Sartorialist Web site

I was awed by ––

and see a posting followed by 80 comments from men around the world on the width of the tie or the cuff, or lapel or the collar style.

I was really shocked and didn’t know what was going on at that point. I didn’t know –– I was really really shocked.

It’s truly amazing and signifies a magnificent shift in men’s interest in fashion and style, and I think this is only going to keep growing.

I thought it exploded at the top.

[Favorite] Vacation spot: any city on a beach.

CHIEF KENAHAN: The time now is 2:29, and this concludes the interview.

The firehouse of Ladder 8 is famous for being home to the Ghostbusters — accordingly, it is part of the NYGB Tourguide, targeted at Ghostheads from all over the world.


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