One bright star in the sky that is Lebanon (Death in America, cont.)

In Beirut, Lebanon, Georgette Samaha looked at a picture of her granddaughter,
Reema J. Samaha, 18, one of the victims of the shootings.

Reema Samaha, 18, a freshman from Centreville, Va., was shot and killed in her French class. According to tributes posted by friends online, she was an avid dancer and actor who devoted much of her time to the school's Contemporary Dance Ensemble, a student organization. As a high school student, she won awards for her performances, including one for her role in "Fiddler on the Roof."

Nicole Bonfiglio, a fellow student at Virginia Tech, remembered Reema in a tribute on the website Facebook as "one of my first friends in high school," adding, "We sat next to each other in bio freshman year. Reema…you were so kind…you were one of the kindest people i met that year and throughout high school. Nobody ever had anything but good things to say about you."

Her brother, Omar Samaha, told MSNBC: "I couldn't sleep last night. Every time I was trying to fall asleep, more things would pop into my head.

"I know I'll get through it," he added, "and I'm going to pray for everyone else."


She presented an excellent project on dance in Middle Eastern culture for my course.

As a Lebanese, I am proud of you because you were very involved in learning about your roots and sharing the good aspects with others to educate them about our culture. May you rest in peace.
— Posted by Lara from Lebanon

May Allah rest you soul in peace and luxury.
— Posted by Khaled Alshara

its tough to know that she lived through the invasion of lebanon and survived it, and didn’t make it through this one. i was touched the first moment i was able to recognize the arabic name, but the way im feeling for her and others is really undescribeable. my prayers goes to all family’s and victims.
— Posted by Ihsan Nimer

From all the Lebanese in California and all over the world … You are in our prayers …
— Posted by Wissam

Reema you were the one who helped me through all my tough times… you made all my days brighter and fun filled… u made me smile every time we chatted online…u made me laugh when i needed to laugh…i miss you my lebani sandwich and i will always remember the jokes and disses we had toward each other….
— Posted by Lawrence Dababneh

It makes me feel so sad, you’re one bright star in the sky that is lebanon… we love you and may you rest in peace and God be with your family …
— Posted by Tarek Saleh

I always remmember a lullaby that my mom back home in Lebanon used to sing, to quiet me or lull them to sleep, It was about a girl name Reema. Now I will always remmember you every time I sing this song to my self or my kids. Rest in Peace dear. Yours Sammy.
— Posted by Sammy El farran

I do not know any of these victims, but my heart understands the pain…Last year on May 23rd my famiy was intentionally hit by a car driven by a total stranger, he was smiling as he ran over us more than 4 times back & forth. My two year old daughter was killed. I am so saddened to see that another sweet innocent life such as this young girl was taken at the hands of evil. Pure evil.
— Posted by Anita King

Rest in Peace Reema. Lebanon will miss you.
— Posted by Ali

Rest in Peace “Dancing Angel”.
Bibi — Posted by Bibi Mamood



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