Trouble every day


(…) My flight home was on ‘Alitalia’. All right. I fucked myself up with pot going to France, so I’m already a little edgy about flying, I’m just edgy, you know? I’m having flashbacks, whatever… I’m scared, OK? I’m not chicken of the plane crashing, kill me please, go ahead, do me a favor – no, I’m just afraid of my own sick mind locked in a plane. Anyway the flight is overbooked by hundreds. Somehow a hundred people had the same ticket as another hundred people, so they start trying to get people off the plane. I wouldn’t budge. After about three fuckin’ hours of this shit, they bribe enough dumb travelers off the plane to take off (…) Vincent Gallo (2000)

“Are you frightened?” Vincent Gallo in Claire Denis’ “Trouble every day”


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