John Waters

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The Filthy World by Jeff Garlin (Berlinale 2007)

“Dressed in a dark jacket with white piping that makes him look a bit like an evil Captain Kangaroo, John Waters walks out onto a stage and launches into a performance that’s part one-man show, part college lecture, and part stand-up act. He briefly touches on his formative years, Divine, and each of his movies, as well as holding forth on topics near and dear to his art and heart: arcane sex acts, movies, art, capital punishment, etc. Directed by Jeff Garlin (Curb Your Enthusiasm), This Filthy World suffers from monotonous camera angles, and if you’re a true Waters fan, you’ve probably heard most of his spiel before, but Waters charms, as always, in his perverted-uncle way. ” Lee Gardner, The Baltimore City Paper


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