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If you made an island tour or a tour along its coast during your vacation, have you ever enjoyed an unforgettable view of the sea or neighboring island and did you wish then to be able to stay as long as possible at that spot?

In the (…), you will have this fantastic view for 2, 3 or 4 weeks – every day, as long as you wish! You can enjoy the view and the ocean roar and be only a few steps away from one of the most beautiful beaches!

Do you love clean white sand beaches and crystal-clear 81 degrees Fahrenheit-warm sea water?

Would you like the option of relaxing in peace or being among people?

Are you conscious of your health and would prefer a holiday area with an intact ozone layer?

Would you like to spontaneously go to the beach to snorkel and admire living corals and ornamental fish of dazzling colors – without participating in a long and expensive sea voyage?

Would you like to admire for 2, 3 or 4 weeks the most beautiful colors which would also cause an experienced sailor to drop a Tequila-Sunrise glass?

Would you prefer to spend a vacation without disturbing jet skis or motor boats?*

*If you suddenly wish to pursue these challenging water sports just drive to the neighboring beach.

Have you ever wished to enjoy your vacation without being approached by annoying salespersons?

Can you imagine how wonderful it would be for you or your family to have exclusive use of a swimming pool with  amphetamine and crystal-clear, hygienical salt water at a temperature of 81 degrees Fahrenheit?

Would you like to sunbathe in the nude without annoying gazes?

Can you imagine a holiday island with an intact ozone layer; and free, unlimited aloe vera gel whose application is so miraculous for your skin and your body that you will look five years younger and feel 15 years younger after two or three weeks? 25 points
Did you already hear about the healing powers of the aloe vera plant and are you aware that a comparable cosmetic product costs a fortune? Are you interested in a free test? Would you like to continue the test at home with an aloe vera plant as a souvenir?

Wouldn’t you enjoy the spontaneity and freedom to decide each day what you want to eat and where you would like to do so? Do you love varied menus?

Would you like to see the inside of a casino – without entrance fee and identity check? It is enough if you play with 5 cents at the slot machines in order to be allowed to order free Caribbean drinks. Could one of natures spectacles delight you: especially if it is a full moon in the evening and a great golden sphere appears out of the sea horizon and is being reflected in the water?


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