Almost on Bliss Street Beirut

Listen! There are good news. Gilad will be released very soon. I hope I will be back in Tel Aviv around the 3th of january. The last days I realized that I need a break. I am a bit sick of the hotel life and the timeless space beach. Since Ozons movie “Time to Leave” was shown in Israel in a few cinemas last summer, I’ve never left the beach for more than one day. It is a strange coincidence. I am very happy that Amir invites me for New Years Eve in Beirut. What a party, sounds very New Yorky. Will I fulfill the dress code „Retro 20s?“ I am beginning to define Tel Aviv and Beirut as the axis of queer politics. This sounds quite romantic, isn’it? But in fact it is the only connection I see these days. Amir sent me a list of things I should know:

1) Warning: Cruising areas are very risky. Beware of thieves and of undercover police. It’s all “At Your Own Risk” and specify clearly what you want and whether money is involved:

-Industrial area – Jdeideh – Dekweineh, not far from the new bridge high way – Dekweineh – Ashrafieh

– Ramlet el bayda and Rawshe Corniche – cruising is frequent on the Cornish, take care of the escorts & thieves, and police controls, lots cross the fences in front of the famous pigeon rock; there inside the bush some may have sex.

– Dbayeh – Marina Cornish – Beirut side, not far from the Golden Beach Resort. Take care of the escorts & thieves, and police controls. Late night, the place is partly gay.

-Generally Down town Beirut area, concentrated between Dunkin donuts & Cinnzeo.

– There are also a few cinemas you can go to as you know.

Udo told me that the German “Goethe-Institut” is very helpfull for general informations. And I read on the page: “Busverbindungen ab Flughafen Beirut in Richtung Innenstadt sind unregelmäßig und daher nicht empfehlenswert. Taxi: Bitte geben Sie dem Taxifahrer als Fahrtziel an „Ras Beirut – Ende Bliss-Street – direkt bei Deutscher Schule.“ Der Taxipreis ab Flughafen beträgt ca. 15-20 US Dollar.”

Wow, very helpful. Amir, thank you but I am very careful. I know Gilad and his story. It’s a bit like mine. I know that I will not go to the Hizbullah districts in the southern part. Maybe i will call the novelist Joachim Helfer for deeper informations! See you in Beirut! I can’t wait.


courtesy Betty Khoury


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