And then G-d Sart created the rain-show-shoot . . .


by the time I had a chance to write I was exhausted. I fell asleep at my computer twice!

Besides most of the outfits were so well-executed that I didn’t feel I could add much more.
In retrospect I feel they were a little too perfect – safe almost. I kept waiting for that one look that would really surprise me. With a more international audience for the European shows I think the mix of styles will be more dramatic in Milan and Paris

The highlight of the week for me was talking to Bruce Weber briefly before the Ralph show. He is really my only photographic influence. I saw sat behind Peter Lindbergh at the Donna show – that was cool.

By the way – my show-down with Anderson Cooper never happened.
I guess he was off doing something to save the world and with all the rain I didn’t wear my suit anyway.
I really have to stop writing about myself. You cannot imagine how many people at the shows asked if I was wearing the Ralph or Marc stuff I wrote about.

It’s funny how sometimes there is just something in the air. Today, for example, almost all of the really great looks were black—but only before noon. Somehow, at around 1 p.m., the vast majority of great looks magically turned to color.

I like shooting at the tents, but I really love the challenge of walking into an off-site space and trying to find “that light” that might make for a few good quick portraits.

Michelli Provensi

Tinsley Mortimer

at Proenza Schouler:

Teen Vogue‘s Taylor Tomasi:

Stefano Tonchi, The New York Times

“Are they that good looking or is it the maroon wall?” (kiarella, Sep 10, 2006 7:41:49 PM)



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