SFD archives: Pretty is as pretty does

Audrey Lindvall had planned to soon move her blossoming modeling career to Los Angeles. Instead, her already supermodel sister had to leave Los Angeles for Lee’s Summit — to help plan the funeral of Audrey, who was killed Wednesday night [August 2] when a truck rolled over her. [The tractor trailer was turning right into the QuikTrip just after 8 p.m.]

This was only twelve days after 19-year old model Heather Bratton (scored, e.g., Vogue Italia’s, May 2006, “Summermood”cover) died in an accident at New Jersey Turnpike (at southbound Exit 14, hit by a Toyota RAV4; Heather sat in a Ford Crown Victoria).

Kansas City Star, more, TMZ, more, Tampa Bay’s

It’s something like SFD’s “Hero”-episode . . .

(there still is an issue with the trial-insert crap, hope to get that fixed real soon)


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