This is Hispanic culture now

Two businessmen using the bathroom

Estilo de Vida/Lifestyle. Trabajo/Work. Amor/Romance. Familia/Family.

I’m a total sucker for stock photography. And Veer is among the best.
While the pictures (images?) are great for themselves, the icing on the cake (or, as my comrades of the UNIFIL say: the yellow parasol on the Merkava) are the taglines (straplines?): they are laconic, to the point, and sometimes even more “visual” than the most “speaking” picture.
If I could choose a profession, I would seriously think about working as a stock photography strapline penman.

Businessman sitting on chair

Businesswoman sitting on floor and talking on cell phone

Woman looking through bookshelf

Close-up of woman sitting in green chair next to shopping bag

More. See also the showreel!


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