Havi can’t work Fridays, Saturdays – but it all adds to the intrigue

like an updated version of some 1940s cinematic shmattes-to-riches tale […]

Havi completed high school and, like many women from religious backgrounds, went on to do national service, in lieu of serving two years in the Israel Defense Forces. She was posted to Haifa, where she first worked in kindergartens, and then with older Ethiopian students “helping them with their studies in school.”

and gave her their blessing for such an admittedly unlikely enterprise for a daughter of a “Modern Orthodox, kippah srugah (knitted yarmulke),” family

Pamela hopes Havi can serve as a good example, showing that an observant Jew can make it in the big wild world without compromising their principles. Peter adds, “They may not be boundaries everyone agrees upon, but they are boundaries.”

“Like most of the people in the shul, most of my parents’ friends are British or American,” Havi says, explaining that they’ve likely had more than passing exposure to the less strictured world abroad.

There would be no lingerie, no swimsuits, no wild after-hours partying, and don’t even think about disturbing her for a shoot on Shabbat and Jewish festivals. Going by Havi’s natural poise and drop-dead gorgeous looks, the agency said, “No problem,” readily agreeing to the strictures a traditional Jewish lifestyle would impose, a unique phenomenon in the highly competitive, highly paid industry.

Keeping kosher on the set is less stressful, though, especially when the client can order takeout from a local Chabad chapter. “But if they can’t, I just have salads,”

“Maybe — maybe if I have to go to an ‘Arab street’ called Edgware Road — sometimes we have clients we have to see there. I don’t feel comfortable going. I’d just go in and run away as quick as I can.”

“I would never have a family or raise children anyplace but Israel.”

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“I am a very home child,” she says, sounding deceptively young for her 19 years.

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