On terminology: “walker” v/ “male socialite”

dear a.,

I just want to share two little things with you today.
One is an addendum to the Christian Leone-story (I know, you are into STORIES). Mentioning Christian wouldnt be anything close to complete without refering to Peter Davis’ NYT Stylespiece from earlier this year. It made some waves for one reason or the other: it saw an Editors’ Note Appended, and very soon people knew that this wasnt done out of the editor’s own accord.
But, to be honest, maybe this supplement turns out to be a sheer pretext – yes, you can call it by that name, because: it’s a pretext to call the name Luigi Tadini, that is: Gian Luigi de Almeida Prado Tadini, a 23 year old jewelry executive, part-time actor (The Devil Wears Prada), some-time model (Wilhemina), and––not a “walker”. But that’s only because of his age. He is no Jerry Zipkin, and no Peter Bacanovic; but he could go by the name of Fabian Basabe, Euan Rellie, Andrew Saffir, Derek Blasberg, or–––Christian Leone. He could that is, if he wouldnt already sport a name which is all “fash-on”. (Peter Lewis has the details. More on Peter)
Oh, the names of the boys!
It’s in names that we dream.

The second item of today’s short agenda is about a short girl and shall provide you with your daily dose of Aschenputtelship. It’s the story of an as short as helpless girl trying to live A MODEL LIFE™ in the city which some may call the center of the universe. While having no place to stay and no money but for Wendy’s 1$-menus, she runs after runways under the name Isobella Jade. This life circles around the glass staircase at the Apple Store Soho (Prince & Greene), is lived in heels (“in sneakers they wont hire me”) and breathes an uncommon air of melodrama and reflexive performativity:
“[I] pace back and forth from writing about my experiences to DOING the experience”.

That is because she wrote, on a 17″-imac at the very Apple Store, the “tragic-cum-triumphant memoir” of her life – while living it. Complex. Stunning. Real.
What follows is taken from interviews (“How were you saving your files?”) with FishbowlNY [1, 2, 3] and NY Metro, as well as from the book-accompanying video of the same title as the memoir: “Almost 5’4″.
Truths of A Freelance Model” (fyi: 5’4″ is less than 1,60m)
Isobella has a, somewhat dreamy, website too.

“every single day is different”
today, I didnt plan to take my dress off
“I live for the incertainty”
“I wake up for a life-style with a dollar-menu and a banana”
“my feet hurt from my heels, but they wont hire me in sneakers”
“and this is fright that keeps me going”

How were you saving your files?

[…] And as I wrote it I was living what I was writing. I stood at the Apple Store infront of a 17inch computer the one that I call ” mine.” I had been going to the store at the time for about 9 months. As I stood in heels for up to 2 hours at a time, my contacts and my mouth would go dry and without a blink of the eye I would pace back and forth from writing about my experiences to DOING the experience and the daily tasks of responding to emails, researching modeling jobs and places to send my comp cards. I was always in a rush running into and out of the Apple Store up to 3 times a day … […]

received comments from employees to slow down and breath while I was staring at the screen viciously, vigorously. Sometimes asking a business man how to spell a word or two, right before I got to page 100, I grabbed a Wendy’s Napkin out of my bag and saved a soda spill disaster all over the keyboard ,from a clumsy pre teen.

I was at home at the Apple Store and I have even taken my heels off a couple times and stood barefoot as I wrote, and I wrote mostly in the evening and I was the last visitor to leave the store most nights. And while child howled and screamed for her mother, and 4 teenagers with dreadlocks crowded Itunes, laughing loudly with a “You gotta hear this,” and swearing without shame, I let out my own smile and took a look to my right and saw 2 girls squeaking over their Myspace accounts, and then I took a sip of coffee, …

… closed my eyes for 4 seconds, said a prayer and I finished my book. It was about 3 months ago, on the second computer … on the right side store … of the multi media table of the spectacular arrangement of Imacs. It was on a 17inch. […]

my experiences working as an amatuer nude model for 2 years […]

My book is called Almost 5’4 but I am big lier… I am really only barely 5’2. My compcard reads 5’4″ because I am lean and I can pull it off. […]

I used to model for internet amatuer sites when I was in college for my ego,for fun, I loved to be naked, and show off, but now I am living for the paycheck, for the ad campaign, for the brand, and out of my suitcase, sleeping on friends couches, eating dollar menu and basically a ragga muffin.

What is your best asset?


What’s your favorite on the Wendy’s 99-cent menu?
The junior cheeseburger deluxe. The chili is really good too.



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