Outside KIM

– And do young women in South Africa like to drink german beer, like Beck’s?

- No.

- What do they like to drink? Something stronger than beer: some Buren schnaps, or something?

- No.

- Then what do they drink?

- They prefer Heineken.

- Heineken??!

- Yes, they drink Heineken beer.

- Heineken. And when some southafrican lads meet, do they take a bow, like: in FRONT of each other?

- Occasionally, but that’s a very rare thing.

- So, only rarely they bow.

- Yes, very rarely.

- Heineken, no bows?

- Yes, that’s pretty much the situation down there. The dresses worn by young women, in Jo’burg for instance, are rather nice, thou.

- Vintage?

- Yes, sometimes.

- I see. Do people drive fast in Jo’burg?

- Pretty fast. Lots of casualties.

- Same here.

- I enjoy talking to you but I have to go now. In a couple of hours I will catch my MEA flight to Lebanon (connecting via Frankfurt), and before that, I want to buy a piece of olive soap for my boyfriend. He is in rehab in Beirut right now.

- Have a safe flight.

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